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 Dynasty RO Official Rules.

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Dynasty RO Official Rules. Empty
PostSubject: Dynasty RO Official Rules.   Dynasty RO Official Rules. Icon_minitimeSun Aug 01, 2010 9:13 am

DynastyRO INGame Rules

Language [Mute, Warning, Kick]
General: Players have to speak english, to GMs, to other players, and to local broadcasts such as @request. Players only have a right to speak a different language if the listener or a GM can understand it.

Dealing with the Staff [Warning, Mute, Kick, Jail, Temporary Ban]
Respect the Staff:Players don't have to like the staff, but they are required to be civil and respectful to the staff. Players must cooperate with the staff, if they are in need of assistance. They are the backbone of this server, so please treat them nicely. This includes asking any member of the staff, if they can become GMs. If a member of the staff is suspected to be breaking the rules, please report them with the proper ScreenShots and explanation. Disrespecting a GM will be punished depending on the severity of the harassment.

Naming: Do not impersonate any member of the staff. Any non-staff player with character names, guild names, or guild titles found with the word [ ¬ ] in them, will be punished. For guilds, the staff will ask you to rename your guild or change your guild titles. Failure to comply will result in a break for guild, jail, or a possible ban. Please report name abuses with proper ScreenShots.

Account Information: No one in the staff will ever ask any player for their account information. If a member of the staff is suspected of breaking this rule, please report immediately with proper ScreenShots.

Dealing with other Players [Warning, Mute, Kick, Jail, Temporary Ban]
Respect Players: Like the staff, you are not required to like other players, but you are required to be civil and respectful to them.

Naming: Do not impersonate other players through names or public/private chat.

Scamming: The act of manipulating trades and deals between 2 or more players to gain private information, such as login names and passwords, and items are unacceptable. Players are advised to be responsible for their items/zeny/ account information. The staff will not take into account any self-inflicted mistakes that could have been avoided. Scamming Reports must include ScreenShots of the deal/trade, characters involved, and the crime acted out.

Kill Stealing (KS):
Kill Stealing (KS) is attacking a monster that is being attacked by another player/party, is part of an aggressive mob, or being mobbed by another player/party.

Reporting: Conclusive screenshots minimum or video.
Progressive Discipline, including, but not limited to:
Explanation of infraction (warning)
If the player/party runs from the monster (to where the person loses “aggro”) or all die. At that point the monster is available for killing.

MVPs are Free for All (FFA) – meaning KS does NOT apply to them. Anyone may attack them at anytime. Grief Play APPLIES TO ALL SERVER ACTIVITIES.

MVP competition is allowed and encouraged, but under no circumstance are players allowed to grief. A person or party will be consider grieving when they are interfering with the killing of an MVP and they are unprepared (and unable) to kill the MVP.

Reporting: Conclusive screenshot(s) or video.
Punishment: At discretion of GM.

If the MVP is NOT naturally spawned it belongs to the party that spawned it. If left untouched for more than 15 minutes it becomes a FFA. This does not mean after 15 of spawn time, but 15 minutes after the “Spawner” leaves it.

Borrowing: Whenever you borrow items to people, do not ask the GMs to return your items.
You borrow - you take responsability.

Exploitations [Permanent Ban]
Hacking: Hacking will result in a permanent IP ban. Players must complete Hack Reports immediately with proper ScreenShots.

Bug Abusing: Anyone caught not reporting a bug and then abusing it, will result in a permanent ban. Bug Abuse Reports must be accompanied with ScreenShots.

3rd Party Tools: Anyone caught using third party tools or any other buffs to Ro gaming, will be permanently banned.

Blocking of an NPC [Kick, Jail]
Never block an NPC with your character, chat, or vendor.

Harassment [ /Exall, Warning, Kick, Mute, Jail, Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban]

Sexual Remarks: Sexual harassments includes unnecessary sexual pressures, comments, or innuendos. This includes the use of keyboard characters to represent a sexual image. The victim must tell the harasser to stop first, but if they refuse to stop, victims can then report with ScreenShots. This includes character and guild names/titles/emblems.

Profanity: The use of curse, swear, or profane words offensively and excessively are unacceptable. The punishment for profanity will be subject to change depending on the level of severity. This will also include harsh and offensive insults related/unrelated to server that are done in game. This also includes character and guild names/titles/emblems. Victims should not retaliate or cause the acts of insults. ScreenShots are needed for Profanity Reports.

Racial Remarks: Any comments that degrades a person because of their culture will be given punishment if reported with ScreenShots. This will include character and guild names/titles/emblems.

Spamming [Kick, Mute, Jail]

Text Spamming: No spamming of words, phrases, or conversations in a main town or other crowded places.

Other Servers/Real Life Affiliations [Temporary Ban, Permanent Ban]
Inter Server Relations: No advertising of other servers in the InRO server or forums. This also include trading items in InRO for items in another server. Report must include SreenShots and might result in Temporary or Permanent Ban.

Real Life Trading: Trading of items for real life currency or vice versa will result in a Permanent Ban. Report must include ScreenShot.

Security :
The security of the Server is the responsibility of InRO and the security of an account is the responsibility of the player. We do not investigate cases of Account Hacking (stealing items, characters, zeny, etc…)

To ensure the security of your account please do the following:
Use a different password then you have used on other servers.
Use different password for each account.
NEVER share your password.
Do not share your account name.
If you suspect someone knows your password change it immediately.
Do not loan equipment to other characters. If you loan equipment it is your responsibility to get it back.
Be very careful when using trade window. Make sure that you are trading with the correct person. Double check the spelling of their name. Have any of the letters been replaced by look-alikes? For example, has a capital letter “i” been used to replace a lower case letter "L”?
Losses caused by the following are YOUR responsibility. InRO will not retrieve items, zeny or characters lost as a result of the following or similar actions.
Items dropped on the ground.
Items dropped on the ground and picked up by the wrong person.
Items traded to the wrong person.
Incorrect item traded.
Items sold to NPC – intentionally or accidentally
Items left on a deleted character.
Items removed from an account by a person having the password.
Zeny traded to the wrong person.
Incorrect amount of zeny traded.
Zeny left on a deleted character.
Zeny spent purchasing incorrect item.
Zeny removed from an account by a person having the password.
Characters accidentally deleted from account.
Items and or zeny lost to cheating/scamming can only be returned when the victim provides irrefutable proof. This proof must contain the terms of the agreement and confirmation from both players.

If the Dynasty RO administrative team deems someone willing and capable of damaging the server in any way they hold the right to take and preventive measures.
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Dynasty RO Official Rules.
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