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 Rulez For new GM and STAFF

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Rulez For new GM and STAFF Empty
PostSubject: Rulez For new GM and STAFF   Rulez For new GM and STAFF Icon_minitimeThu Aug 19, 2010 6:40 am

Game Master Regulations

1. You cannot create items/zeny/etc. for players.
2. You cannot give players levels/status points/etc.
3. You cannot warp other players to other maps to assist them in leveling or hunting.
4. You cannot summon monsters for players to assist in leveling or hunting.
5. You cannot assist another player in leveling or hunting items(tanking, killing monsters for them, etc.)
6. You must learn to respect the other staff, so they will respect you in return.
7. You must make an event only ONCE a day .. ( For Event GMs )
8. You must respond to the players problems or if theyre asking about our server .
9. NEVER Abuse your GM Power (Spawning Mobs,Warping Players,Abusing @Commands)
10. Be Friendly and Humble to the players
11. Do NOT make a Legit Characters.. this will result to Suspended / Kick out from the staff.
12. ENGLISH is now our server's Main Language.So When you are INGAME, Be PROFESSIONAL .
13. You Can Check your GM COMMANDS by typing this @commands
14. You must be Approachable and Cooperative during the Staff Meetings.
15. NEVER ask the players account username and password . you can get their username for Error Report or character reports ONLY.


First Offense - Warning

Second Offense - GM Account Suspend / GM Account Demoted - 3 days or Depends on the Case

Third Offense - GM Account Deleted / Kick out from the Staff.

Im Ur Friendly Kapit Bahay ^___^
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Rulez For new GM and STAFF
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